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NOTE: The Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court will be transitioning from the IAIABC Claims Release 1 standard to IAIABC Release 3.1 standard for electronic reporting of workers’ compensation injury and payment reports. The transition to Claims Release 3.1 is tentatively scheduled for May 15, 2019. Until the transition is complete, information will be provided below for electronic reporting using the Claims Release 1.0 standard. Information is also provided below regarding the Claims Release 3.1 standard; however, this is intended for informational purposes only.

Claims Release 1.0 Information

NOTE: Access to Google products such as Google Drive and Google Forms is necessary to complete and submit the web forms provided below.

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Claims Release 3.1 Information

NOTE: The information provided below for the Claims Release 3.1 standard is intended for informational purposes only until the transition to this standard is completed.

The Claims Release 3.1 website is hosted by ISO’s Workers’ Compensation Standards division. ISO will manage FROI and SROI reporting by our EDI trading partners under the Claims Release 3.1 standard.

Proof of Coverage 2.1 Information

EDI Trading Partner Implementation Information