Electronic Filing (eFiling)

Courtroom 1, Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court

The Nebraska Workers' Compensation Court is pleased to announce its electronic filing (eFiling) application. The benefits of eFiling include: convenient filing, available 24/7; automated email notification when filings are accepted/declined; filing dashboard provides filing status and history; detailed reconciliation for Automated

Clearing House (ACH) transactions; similar look and feel to the Nebraska Trial Court eFiling app; and login credentials are the same as for the Nebraska Trial Court eFiling app.

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eFiling tips

  • Virtually all pleadings can be eFiled. However, Notices of Appeal, Praecipes for Transcript and Requests for Bill of Exceptions currently cannot be eFiled. These will need to be filed via mail, fax or hand-delivery.
  • Exhibits to be offered at trial or a motion hearing will not be submitted through the eFiling system. These should be mailed or hand-delivered to the court.
  • eService is currently not available through the NWCC eFiling system. You must serve the filing(s) to the opposing party(s) using your current procedures (i.e. mail, fax, email).
  • The NWCC eFiling system currently does not support eNotice. Orders, notices, correspondence, etc. from the Office of the Clerk of the Court will continue to be sent through the USPS.

eFiling testimonials

  • “Like most people, I have a natural predisposition to avoid or postpone change. I do however believe we should strive to push past our comfort zones and in that spirit, our firm participated in the NWCC’s preliminary rollout of the eFiling system. It is simple, convenient, and user-friendly. The court’s receipt confirmation email goes out almost immediately and has so far been a suitable replacement for a date-stamped file copy. Even those most sincerely devoted to ‘doing it the old-fashioned way’ will appreciate how quickly and painlessly the new eFiling system can be mastered.”

— Travis Spier of Atwood, Holsten, Brown, Deaver & Spier Law Firm

  • “The 24/7 filing capability and electronic filing confirmation of the NWCC eFiling system have allowed us to serve our clients better.”

— Michael Dyer of Dyer Law

  • “I found the eFiling system to be user friendly. I think having used the District Court eFiling system made for an easy transition to the NWCC system.”

— Peggy Hoover, Paralegal for Daniel Lenaghan of Gross & Welch.