Notice regarding fax filings and a reminder regarding discovery materials

Any pleading or document to be filed by fax with the Workers’ Compensation Court must be sent to the fax number of the Clerk of the Court in Lincoln, provided below:

Clerk's Office Fax: 402-471-8231

Fax filings sent to any other fax number will not be deemed to be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Court.

In addition, attorneys are reminded that pursuant to Rule 3,E, discovery materials that do not require action by the court shall not be filed with the court. This includes notices of deposition, depositions, certificates of filing a deposition, interrogatories, answers and objections to interrogatories, requests for documents and responses or objections to such requests, requests for admissions and responses or objections to such requests, subpoenas for depositions or other discovery and returns of service of subpoenas. Such materials shall be maintained by the parties. Discovery materials shall be filed with the court only when ordered by the court or when required by law.