Notice regarding Rule 2, Filings

Effective January 22, 2009, Rule 2 of the Workers’ Compensation Court Rules of Procedure was amended to provide for protection of personal information in court records. The intent is to prevent Social Security numbers, birth dates, and financial account numbers from being included in court records generally available to the public. These provisions apply to all pleadings, documents, exhibits, court orders, judgments, and awards filed in the Workers' Compensation Court.

Please note that a completed Addendum 3 must be submitted for any petitions or initial pleadings, including settlement applications and motions, filed on or after January 22, 2009. Addendum 3 must contain the Social Security number of the claimant. If applicable, the form may include other personal and financial information such as birth dates and financial account information. The court will keep Addendum 3 separate from the case file, but accessible to judges and court staff.

Please note further that effective January 22, 2009, any petitions, motions, settlements, exhibits, and other documents submitted by a party or counsel should not contain Social Security numbers, birth dates, or financial account numbers. The responsibility for redacting personal and financial account information rests solely with counsel and the parties.

Questions should be directed to the Office of the Clerk at 1-800-599-5155.